Avikal in Osho Nisarga


Every November I will facilitate in Osho Nisarga an Awareness Intensive Retreat or a Satori Retreat followed by a module of The Dimensions of Being: Essence Experiential Training.

The next dates are:

November 10/12, 2017, Awareness Intensive Retreat - Who is in?

November 15/20, 2017, Dimensions of Being: Essential Peace and Power - The Black Essence

In the following pages you will find specific descriptions of each of these retreats.

All courses will be held in English.

Osho Nisarga is a Meditation Center at the foothills of the Himalayas close to Dharamsala, India. You can see more about it  going to: http://oshonisarga.com


The Awareness Intensive, Satori and The Dimensions of Being Retreats.